Canada – A Call to Action for Raw Milk

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”  – Nelson Mandela

“One unfortunate characteristic of a democracy is that laws get enacted but rarely struck down once they have outlived their usefulness.” – Nick Schreiber in The Economist

Your voice is needed!

Parliament Buildings, CanadaThe Canadian Consumer Raw Milk Advocacy Group is sending out raw milk information packages to governments across the country.  We have sent it to 308 MP’s countrywide and will be sending it to provincial politicans soon.  We are watching some science information to come together which we will then be able to add to our information package. The biggest argument we have come up against is that raw milk is a health hazard.  This needs to be debunked and is in the process of just that.  Patience is a virtue in this instance.   In the meantime we will continue to collect signatures for our petition so that when we do approach government we can show how many people want access.  You can help us by downloading our petition, signing it and sending it to us in the mail.  This format is necessary for presenting to government.  You can help us by making an appointment with your MPP or MLA and expressing your opinion on the raw milk prohibition.  You can print out and take with you our information package as it is today.  The access link is below.  Raw milk needs to be decriminalized in Canada.

The purpose of this information package is to give our elected officials another viewpoint on raw milk, show them that there is an organized effort underway to decriminalize raw milk, and to ask for their support for our right to have this food.  At the same time, if you are a raw milk consumer, farmer, or supporter, please write to your federal Member of Parliament, provincial MPP or MLA (in Quebec, your MNA; and in Newfoundland and Labrador, your MHA), provincial Ministers of Agriculture and Health, and your Premier.  This effort has to be large to be noticed so everyone’s help is greatly appreciated.

Each province’s Premier and Ag Minister will receive the package in hard copy along with photocopies of the signatures that we have so far for their province.  Other MP’s and provincial representatives will have already received it in e-mail format.  We would have loved to have mailed every politician this package in hard copy but we have no funding and there are hundreds of them so e-mail it is for most of them.

The call to action for Canada can be found at

The first call for action for Ontario is at

This first call to action for Ontario is important as we have a short window of opportunity before the court date is announced for Michael Schmidt to go back to court on the milk charge.  It is expected that he will go back to court late in 2013 or early 2014 but a date has not yet been set.  For those of you who do not know, Michael Schmidt’s raw milk case is being heard at the Supreme Court of Ontario.  While our pressure is not likely to sway the judges who oversee this appeal, it is an opportunity to get the raw milk issues into the media on a larger scale.  We need the main stream media to take notice that there are thousands of us who want what Michael Schmidt does, decriminalization of raw milk so that we can access it openly.

How can you help?

  1. Phone your MP to find out if they received our package and if we can count on them to support us in this issue.  If they didn’t let us know at and we’ll send it again.   Once you see the call for action for your province go up on our website, phone your MPP to make sure they received it and if we can count on them.  If they didn’t receive it let us know.
  2. Please consider printing out the package with our letter, add your own letter to it and send it to your local MP and MPP or MLA.   No need to wait until our package reaches them by e-mail.  The more places they hear this from the better. (If you live in British Columbia, perhaps remind Premier Clark that she once said she thought it was ridiculous that consumers could not obtain raw milk.  See the article on The Bovine about Christie Clark’s interview with raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt)
  3. Sign our raw milk petition which can be downloaded here in as a PDF.    An MP will present this to the House of Commons, but we need to have enough signatures for it to make any difference.  We have collected many signatures in the past year and we need more to make headway at the Federal level of government.  If you have not signed yet please do and if you can collect any number of signatures for us we would appreciate it.  Unfortunately, the House of Commons will only accept written signatures on official forms and in hard-copy format, so it is important that you download, print, and use the form provided (please do not sign a sheet of plain paper! There is no way to confirm what you have signed to!).  We have quite a few signatures on plain paper which we unfortunately cannot use for the House of Commons, but those signatures will go to the Ministers of Agriculture for their respective province.

Please forward this information to everyone you know and lets get some headway going on decriminalizing raw milk in Canada.  It won’t happen without everyone’s help so please get involved.

– Margo McIntosh, RHN, RNCP,
Spokesperson for the Canadian Consumer Raw Milk Advocacy Group.


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