Support Our Farmers

Listen to these farmers and Dr. Pusztai (scientist) explain about our food quality, food sovereignty, food security, and food safety. The day is here for governments to get out of our kitchens and out of our private contracts with farmers.  We have the right to choose in Canada! We are free in this country … or are we??


“Open and fair-minded officials need to learn that raw milk from healthy animals, carefully produced and handled, simply does not cause disease.” Sally Fallon Morell, author of Nourishing Traditions and president of the Weston A. Price Foundation.


The most public and known farmer to be raided and charged in Ontario is Michael Schmidt.  He’s become a kind of folk hero to many people wanting legal access to raw milk.  He is not alone.  In British Columbia another well known and outspoken farmer who was charged and shut down is Alice Jongerden.  Other farmers have had their livelihoods threatened in the name of food safety and have not stepped forward in such a public way.

Stop to think about what it would be like to have armed officers knock on your door and confiscate or destroy the products that your farm has produced in good faith for citizens who have asked you to do this for them.  Our farmers have been made to feel like criminals whilst those very same provincial governments allow far more dangerous products legal access to the market.  Things like GMO foods, cigarettes, alcohol, artificial sweeteners and preservatives.  Let us not forget the threat of processed foods including pasteurized milk, pasteurized cheese and processed meats.  Also the availability of steak tartar, raw oysters and sushi in many restaurants.  These foods have made people sick as well but are we seeing those banned?

Please educate yourselves on what is really going on in this country.  People on this planet of ours have been drinking the milk fresh from animals for thousands of years.  Why is Canada so backwards that we have not created a means for educated consumers to acquire raw milk legally when countries such as Poland, France and the UK are allowing raw milk even in vending machines?  The USA has many states that have provisions for safe raw milk.  When a consumer makes a private arrangement with a farmer to acquire raw milk, there is no “public” health concern.  The public at large is not drinking the milk.   The consumers who are seeking real food, including raw milk, know exactly what they want and what they are getting.  They also know the risks.  This is not an unsuspecting public!

Until we band together as a consumer group that is not going to take no for an answer, this battle will continue to be played out by farmers vs health authorities and nothing gets resolved.  The time to speak up for your right to consume raw milk and it’s products legally in Canada is now.  Until you do, the food you have come to depend on for health and taste is always at risk of being denied.  We cannot sit back any more and allow our farmers to be treated like criminals while we go about our daily lives smug in the thinking that we have our supply of raw milk so why get into this battle.

Do you really want to thank your farmer for providing you and your family with this food that we all so value?  Then get involved and create a Canada where future generations will have access to healthy food, our small farmers can prosper and most of all those same farmers can go about their daily lives without having to look over their shoulders wondering when the milk police might decide to raid them.  ACT NOW!  Sign our petition and join our group if you want to more involved in the process of change.