Alice Jongerden, B.C.

Alice Jongerden, farmer and mother of 5, started off with one cow in order to provide her family with safe, whole, alicenutritious, unpasteurized milk. Other families were interested in this milk as well, and Alice successfully grew her little Chilliwack hobby farm, to become Canada’s largest herdshare, providing 450 local families with fresh milk and a variety of fresh milk products. In 2010, Alice received a permanent injunction to cease providing fresh milk due to draconian regulation.


Alice was a speaker at the “Fresh Milk Food Politics” forum in Vancouver on April 6th.

Alice ceased to be able to be the agister for Home on the Range, but she has launched a constitutional challenge for the right of all Canadians to access safe, fresh, whole, unpasteurized milk.  That challenge will take place in October 2015.  More on that as the time draws closer.

Fresh Milk Food Politics Interview: Alice Jongerden

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