Sign and Distribute Our Petition!

There is a national effort under way to collect hand written signatures which will be presented to governments across Canada along with an information package in the fall of 2012.  We need hand signed originals to present to the Federal House of Commons and copies of these petitions will be available to MP’s and MPP’s as well.  If you wish to protect your right to access raw milk and other natural foods and/or your right to choose your own foods protected please download the petition sheet, sign it and collect some other signatures for us if you feel moved to do so.  Mail the signed petitions to the mailing address on the petition.

Update: Due to some developments around the raw milk issue in a couple of Canadian provinces we are waiting to submit this petition to the House of Commons for a few months.    This will go to the House by summer 2013 or sooner.  Copies of all signatures collected will be available to any MP or MPP once they read our information package which will be going out shortly across the country.  Thank you for your help!

Click here to download and print petition.


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