Are you a consumer who wants to be able to access raw milk openly?  Do you have skills you would be willing to volunteer to help us?  Here is a list of some ideas of things we need help with.  If you have some time to offer us, we would appreciate it.

  1. Research over the internet finding raw milk information from other countries.
  2. Research scientific literature for information on raw milk that we can use in our advocacy efforts.
  3. Help with our Facebook page and Twitter feed.
  4. IT person to help our current volunteer.
  5. Someone with experience dealing with government.
  6. Someone familiar with fundraising for an advocacy group.
  7. Download, print and sign our petition and possibly gather some signatures for us.  We will likely be presenting this petition more than once to government so keep the signatures coming.
  8. Spread word through social media about our initiative and help us to gather support.
  9. Send us your stories about why you want access to raw milk.  Has it helped you or someone in your family?  What are your beliefs about this food for your family?

Contact us at info@rawmilkconsumer.ca to volunteer in any of these areas.

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