Frequently Asked Questions

What is CCRMAG?

CCRMAG is a very new unregistered nonprofit organization.  We organized in March of 2012.  We are not incorporated yet, but that is being considered as it grows.

How big is CCRMAG?

CCRMAG has a working group of 12 working group volunteers and hundreds of people have been involved in signing and distributing our petition.  Others have joined the forum, the mailing list, and the Facebook page.  Still others prefer to help us without being formally part of our working group.  The response has been heart warming.

Who is CCRMAG for?

CCRMAG serves  all Canadians who support our mandate (create a space for raw milk within the current legal framework so that consumers and farmers can access raw milk openly).

Who is the Spokesperson?

As a working group volunteer, Margo McIntosh is the Spokesperson for CCRMAG, and she can be contacted at

What does it cost to join?

It is free to join CCRMAG, just sign up for the forum or volunteer.