What is Really the Best Home Security System?

Many people are looking for home security systems. They do this because of the ever-increasing threat of being burglarized and of someone breaking into your home. A home should be a place of comfort, where you can feel safe just because you are at home.

However, some people do not respect the sanctity of a home. They would steal your possessions, destroy your dwelling and even hurt you. The fear that this may happen leads everyone to try and find some sort of protection.

They look for home security systems that would protect the sanctity and privacy of their dwelling-places. However, when we make investments such as on a home security system, we always want the best, right?

So what is the best home security system?

Well, there are a lot of security systems out there. But the best security system would be one that is most effective for your house. Each house has its best home security system. It is just a matter of finding out what components make up your best home security system and building it.

Here are some tips. The burglar’s three enemies are:

1) Light – a burglar prefers to work in the dark. This way, you would not be able to identify him/her.

After all, you can’t catch what you can’t see… and a burglar definitely does not want to get caught. The best home security system should incorporate light in order to discourage burglars.

2) Time – an old saying of thieves is “get in, grab the stuff, and get out fast.” Burglars practice a lot in order to shorten the time they need to break into a house.

A quick entry and escape is often a burglar’s best tools. The best home security system would include something that would delay a burglar so that he can be caught.

3) Noise – A burglar needs stealth in order to be successful. What makes darkness so special is that a burglar cannot be seen in it.

However, alarms should be included in the best home security system in order for other people to be alerted of a burglary… even if they are not within visual range of the thief. Now that you know what burglars are afraid of, here are some devices that could help you out.

1) Motion-detectors – the best home security system needs to have motion detectors. These may either incorporate laser beams or infrared light to detect sudden movement, such as those made by thieves.

These motion detectors then either hook up to an alarm or switch on lights.

2) Locks – often a home’s first defense the lock has evolved continually with burglar’s growing cunning.

The best home security system should use a combination of electronic and conventional locks. Burglars grow more sophisticated and use technology to unlock electronically-sealed doors. However, these techno-savvy thieves often do not know how to unlock a simple deadbolt.

Of course, a lock is useless unless you have a good strong door. With both, you may just cost a burglar enough time to give up the entire enterprise.

3) Surveillance -the last line of defense in case of a burglary, cameras incorporated into the best home security system may at least give you hope of recovering your lost possessions.

Some of the best surveillance technology nowadays uses facial recognition technology in order to give the authorities a better lead to catching that criminal.

Those are just some tips that you can use to find the best home security system for you. However, you should keep in mind that the best home security system is useless if you do not use your head and think carefully.

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