How To Paint Your Funiture

How To Paint Furniture – A Definitive Guide

If you would like to give your old furniture an updated look or would like to change the color of your furniture, you can easily accomplish this through applying some paint. The method that you should use to paint your furniture pieces will depend on whether a piece is made of wood or metal. In order to ensure that your furniture looks beautiful and maintains its painted finish for a long period of time, you will need to prepare your pieces for painting before you begin the actual process. The instructions provided as follows will assist you in readying your furniture for some new coats of paint.

When preparing a piece of wooden furniture for painting, you will need to have several materials on hand. These include medium-fine sandpaper, medium wire wool, cleaning rags, rubber gloves, wood filler, a filling knife and paint primer. If you need to remove a wax finish from a wooden furniture surface, you will also need to have a good deal of medium wire wool and finish remover on hand.

If you are preparing a piece of furniture with a wax finish for painting, you will need to remove the finish with medium wire wool and wax finish remover before beginning Step One. Be advised that the process of removing a wax finish from wooden furniture is challenging and time-consuming.

Preparing Metal Furniture For Painting

In order to prepare metal furniture for painting, you will need the following items: coarse sandpaper, medium-fine sandpaper, cleaning rags, rubber gloves, mineral spirits, rust remover and paint primer. Purchase a primer that is designed for use on metal surfaces.

If possible, you should work outdoors as you prepare your furniture for painting, since this will prevent you from breathing in any potentially harmful fumes from finish remover or paint primer. If you are not able to take your furniture outdoors, be sure to work in a well-ventilated area of your home.

Once the paint preparation process is complete, you can move on to applying two thin coats of paint color to the surface of your furniture